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Vintage Treasures is Basingstoke’s newest addition to the high street. Not only newly launched, it is a pretty new concept for Basingstoke; as the name suggests it is a trove of vintage goodies.

Victoria Kennedy who you might know as VJ Vintage, creator of local vintage markets, has upped the ante and ventured into the world of being an independent shop owner.

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I started my business VJ Vintage because I loved and hoarded vintage stuff! I decided it would be fun to sell vintage clothing! I traded online and at vintage markets first and as word got out about my business I was asked by Proteus Creation Space to host their vintage markets.

It was at one of these markets I was approached by BCoT. They were looking for a local, vintage business to trade out of the shop they owned on Church St. The deal being that I worked with their fashion retail, fashion and business students and ‘mentored’ them in running a retail business. Plus providing the opportunity for the students to create ‘vintage inspired’ products and sell them in the shop-student enterprise. So ‘Vintage Treasures’ is the name we (VJ Vintage and BCoT) trade under.

vintage treasures, vj vintage, vintage basingstoke

Teaming vintage with local talents seems to be working well. Certainly if her gorgeous window display is anything to go by, things are off to a good start!

It is a reasonably sized shop decorated not only with cute tea cups but the kind of creative shelving that would impress Kirstie Allsopp! Even the way in which the items for sale are displayed makes it an instantly pleasing shop to walk into.

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The shop has been received so positively. So many people comment about how Basingstoke (and ‘the high street’ in general) needs something different. I’m trying to provide that ‘different’ in Vintage Treasures!

The shop itself plays host to an array of vintage inspired riches including clothing, jewellery, bags, books, homewares and bric-a-brac. I wrote this after my second visit to Vintage Treasures and my hand was itching to pick things up just as much as the first time – a benefit of having such a diverse range of items. It feels like a real treat to look around Vintage Treasures because you never know what you’ll find. Fingers crossed the black patent bag I was lusting over will still be there on payday!

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Need further convincing of Vintage Treasures worth? Victoria has lot’s of plans for the future…

We’re running some ‘make do and mend’ themed workshops. The idea is to use something you have and don’t like to create something new! For example, a lampshade recovering, decoupage an old shelf, revamp an item of clothing, or even make a vintage brooch.

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We are also holing a ‘Prom shopping evening,’ which is a chance to find a dress for prom, have a go at some retro hair and make-up styles, plus a free goodie bag!

This entrepreneurial spirit mixed with local talent from BCoT will hopefully seal a great fate for Vintage Treasures. If you are looking for an item to treasure, I can recommend making a stop here first.

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Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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  1. victoria kennedy

    Thank you for such a fantastic review. I’m so glad you love the shop as much as we do! Utterly brilliant!

    • Blaire Amy

      My pleasure Victoria :) Thanks for providing Basingstoke with such a great shop! x

  2. Came in today and had a lovely chat with your mum and bought some Delft tiles. Do hope you do really well as Basingstoke so desperately needs small independent quality shops.

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