Vintage Inspired Swimwear – Wednesday Wishlist

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There are so many retro swimmers on the highstreet!

This month’s #WednesdayWishlist looks at vintage inspired swimwear that is available from repro brands and the high street alike. It was a particularly difficult blog post to put together.

Reason number one being that I NEED all the swimwear. I am a vintage inspired swimwear menace and was gutted to have to throw out some very worn and much loved bikinis last month.

Reason number two being that I am meant to have bought all of my bikinis and swimsuits for the summer already… If I stick to that rationing I’ll be amazed 😉


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Sunset Strappy Bikini Top and Bottom’s in Parrot, Motel
Leena Halterneck Swimsuit in Gingham, Motel
classic fifties one piece swimsuit Cherry White, Esther Williams TopVintage
Classic Fifties Bikini Wild Leopard, Esther Williams TopVintage
Purple HalterNeck Swimsuit, Sainsburys


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Navy Floral Print Swimwear, Next Green flamingos skirt swimsuit,
Floozie by French Frost Debenhams
floozie, vintage inspired swimwear, flower print, vintage bikini, floozie, french frost, debenhams Hell Bunny, Hell Bunny Swimsuit, vintage inspired swimwear, tigermilly, Cannes Floral Swimsuit
Pink tropicana spot bikini,
Floozie by French Frost Debenhams
Hell Bunny 50’s Cannes Floral Swimsuit, Tiger Milly
tiger milly, hell bunny swimsuit, vintage inspired swimwear vintage inspired swimwear, retro inspired swimwear, next
Hell Bunny 50’s Sea Sparkle Swimsuit Pale Blue,
Tiger Milly
Navy Stripe Twist, Next



So that is my vintage inspired swimwear lush list. Let me know if there are any I have missed off as I’d love to know about them – I am retro swimwear obsessed!

Also if you haven’t seen last month’s hawaiian themed #WednesdayWishlist, check it out.

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  1. I love vintage and 50’s, this swimwear is so nice!

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