Old is Now – From the beginning

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Andy Lighthouse

Old is Now began when two disgruntled Media students became friends; having spent the majority of their final year arriving to Lectures late after queuing for syrup filled coffees. It was whilst queuing, in a very British manner, that they discovered their obsessions were similar. Ahem vintage and a general despondency to a theory heavy Media degree. Yawn.

These days, Eve is too busy with The CuriosiTea Room, to be Blogging. But if you are after scrumptious cake and fancy browsing things like materials, knick knacks and furniture you should definitely pay her a visit.

About Amy Bliss

So I have seized the Blog, relishing the chance to undermine my boring ‘grown up job.’ Having first become interested in the vintage scene through a love for burlesque and afternoon tea; it was only natural that my love for these nostalgic, but still thriving, things would lead me down the vintage inspired rabbit hole.

My wardrobe shifted from being predominately black, full of short shorts and jumpers to become something deemed far more ‘lady like.’ (Although let’s be honest I still have a lot of love for short shorts, I just don’t risk freezing my legs off in winter anymore.)

With this far more lady like look I’ve taken to wearing victory rolls as a quick hair fix, experimenting with ‘wet sets’ (will I ever master these?) and have kept my sweeping cat eye eyeliner routine. This has been my choice of warpaint since school, so maybe I was always fated to fall in love with the mid-century look.

amy bliss, blaire amy, vintage blog, old is now, old is now vintage

Usually I spend evenings playing vintage hairstylist, browsing vintage and repro clothing websites and catching Burlesque Shows. Also, with my rapidly increasing interest in the rockabilly scene, I hope to get back into attending gigs regularly. I find blogging is a great way to capture my excitement for the vintage and burlesque scene whilst developing my Media degree skills – or at least that’s what it will say on my CV! 😉

Mostly I Blog to be more involved with my hobbies, and meet wonderful people. I have been lucky enough to experience the warmth of the vintage, burlesque, rockabilly and blogging crowds. Not only has it led me to go to amazing events but also to have my work published in both Vintage Life and In Retrospect Magazine.

Hopefully there will be more printed words to come, but for now publishing on the web suits me well.

Amy Bliss Xx