Me and My Sun Jellies

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I’ve never been one for a flip-flop so beach and pool footwear has always been an unhappy compromise… until I lucked upon Sun Jellies.

As a child of the 90’s I was gutted not to have been the owner of a clear, glittered pair of Sun Jellies. Whilst regularly getting snapped in a stripy pair of shorts, glitter and hairclips galore, it’s a wonder that this was the trend that passed my Mum by. As a grown up I cannot choose between all the gorgeous colours including raspberry, peach and ice mint. Hmmm is it just me or are Sun Jellies colours as lush as ice cream?

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Sun Jellies, Sun Jellies Shoes, Sun Jelly Sandals, Sun Jellies Tote, Atomic Tote

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I recently went backpacking around Kerala, India. Unfortunately this meant packing practically, so I opted for a black pair of Sun Jellies that could match every outfit. They proved themselves to be the best no fuss shoe for travelling, allowing my feet to breathe whilst also (and not so glamorously) giving me the option to shower in my shoes so that I could literally blast all dust, sand and general travel dirt off of them each evening. This is not something that could be said for the Converse that also accompanied me! I am looking forward to wearing Sun Jellies at festivals this summer; I think they will prove the ultimate companion.

But Sun Jellies haven’t stopped at their famous footwear. They also do totally cute bags. I was already the owner of a coral Retro Basket bag; however the Atomic Totes are my favourite! It’s perfect for the beach as you can literally shake the sand out at the end of the day. It’s size is also very practical as it is deceptively large. (Fitting two travel towels, two books, two pairs of sunglasses, a litre bottle of water, sun cream, snacks and collected shells with ease.)

Sun Jellies, Atomic Tote, Sun Jelly, 60s shopper, kerala, india beach, tiki, pinup, sun jellies sandels, atomic shopper

SUn Jelles, Kerala, India, Beach Dog, Beach Pinup, Atomic Tote

Despite all these practicalities, realistically it’s the kitsch 60’s vibe and cute colours it comes in, that make the biggest impression. The bright mint colour of my Atomic Tote Sun Jellies bag suited India perfectly, as vibrant colours are the most used colours there.

Now I am back from my travels I am looking forward to swinging my Sun Jellies bag around the supermarket, as the ultimate whimsical shopper. Whilst Sun Jellies is rocking the pastels… All I can say is bring on summer.

What’s your favourite Sun Jellies colour?

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