Old is Now Vintage 2015 Round Up

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2015 is coming to a close! That little sentence will cause total relief to some and maybe give others the luxury of a celebratory cheer. But putting whether you’ve had a good or bad 2015 aside, I thought I’d take stock of some of my favourite and most popular Old is Now Vintage blog posts of 2015!

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Vintage Treasures

First off has to be my hugely popular blog post on Vintage Treasures; a cute shop in Basingstoke that brings some much needed vintage and retro looks to the town! Victoria is the lady behind VJ Vintage, so was already established as a reliable vintage advocate in the area. If you have had the pleasure of meeting Victoria or her equally lovely mother Angie then you will know that a visit to Vintage Treasures is a treat, as they are always great for a chat. If you are looking for vintage in Basingstoke, then this blog post is a great place to start. I’m just sad that having moved I don’t have the opportunity to visit as much as I would like.

Vintage Guide to Barcelona

From Basingstoke to Barcelona! I am totally besotted with Barcelona and to move to Cataluña would be a dream come true. If you are heading to this exciting city then this is a great mini guide that will help you blitz the vintage shops. I actually managed to go around all the shops featured in a day, with much needed beach and ice cream rests. In all honestly whether you are interested in vintage or not, Barcelona is the city for you 😉 It really does have everything from shopping to nightlife to culture… and not forgetting THAT FOOD!

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John Bellingham – Portraits and Pinups

Violets In May

I have to mention my Violets in May Wrap Dress blog post. Not only is Lola Diamond, the mastermind behind the brand lovely; but I also had the chance to interview her in 2015 for Vintage Life magazine. I love that my passion for writing means I can type away on both my blog Old is Now Vintage, as well as have the opportunity to work with prestigious magazines. That being said, I have a few Violets In May items in my wardrobe now and my wrap dress is definitely my favourite so it has to get a mention.

Screamin Festival

I had such a frickin good time at Screamin Festival this year, that I have to include my post for first timers. The festival attracts a really fun and friendly crowd, as well as very talented musicians… oh and it’s in Spain so it was always going to be a winner with me! This blog post was really interesting for me as I got to find out a little bit more about the festival before I went myself. A must read if you are thinking about going.

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Pinup Picnic In The Park

Last, but not least is my blog post for Pinup In The Park. It was great to meet so many pinup enthusiasts from the 40s and 50s meet up Facebook group, as well as those I’ve been lusting over on Instagram 😉 Give it a read if you are looking for outfit inspiration, as there was plenty to go around. Can’t wait for the next one, thanks again to the British Belles for organising the day – it was a huge success.

So that’s the Old is Now Vintage 2015 round up… Wishing all my readers a happy 2016!

Tease and Cake Magazine

A review of Tease and Cake

tease and cake, tease and cake cover, pinup magazine

My first flick through Tease and Cake magazine and having fallen on page 6, there was the glamourous Bexi Owen. A blonde bombshell dressed in House of Satin retro styled underwear, she looked totally stunning. Instantly I thought, well this Tease and Cake lark is a bit of me!

Featuring pin up girls, nostalgia articles and the totally balmy Willie Winkleman comic; Tease and Cake is a magazine that celebrates the female form with brazen vintage inspired pin up images.

tease and cake, ask doris, pinup magazine, tease and cake doris, doris agony aunt

Further page turning and I came across Ask Doris, possibly my favourite part of the magazine. Ask Doris is a hilarious read, where Doris uses her ‘vast honest pot of wisdom’ that puts other Agony Aunts to shame. Her advice would make for an excellent drinking game of innuendo bingo because she really does think about ‘your concern long and hard.’

tease and cake, tease and cake magazine, pinup magazine, rockabella rouge

Having read this far, you’ve probably gathered the magazine is a flirtatious riot filled with cheesecake poses and plenty of word play but what I haven’t mentioned yet is the BOOBS!

I won’t lie; I hadn’t even contemplated the idea of full on nudies. I blame my very prude upbringing. At no point, despite my initial surprise, did I feel uncomfortable. In fact I not only said ‘pwoar’ in my head a lot but had an unexpected urge to strip down to my undergarments too… much to my Boyfriends amusement!

tease and cake, slinky sparkles, tease and cake magazine,

With pin up stars being featured; including Immodesty Blaize, October Divine and Ava Aviaion it really is a packed out magazine. Not only are some of the most celebrated pin ups in Tease and Cake but also exclusive images, plus the makings of a Calendar each month, which I thought was an awesome cheeky idea.

But tongue and cheek aside, I really enjoyed the more ‘serious’ articles. Take ‘a brief history of pin up’ for instance, which taught me things I’d never even stopped and considered. I also found the interview with pin up artist Andy Hosegood really interesting, especially as I hadn’t been introduced to his amazing paintings before.

tease and cake, tease and cake special edition, immodesty blaze, pinup magazine

Whether you are an aspiring pin up looking for posing inspiration, a celebrated pin up babe, a bit of a perv or just can’t get enough of the raucous Doris, Tease and Cake truly is ‘the gentleman’s magazine the ladies love to read!’ Also make sure to look out for their Miss Tease and Cake pin up competition.

Check out the Tease and Cake website to subscribe to their magazine.

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Retro Basingstoke: Vintage Treasures

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vintage treasures, vintage basingstoke, vj vintage, vintage treasures shop

Vintage Treasures is Basingstoke’s newest addition to the high street. Not only newly launched, it is a pretty new concept for Basingstoke; as the name suggests it is a trove of vintage goodies.

Victoria Kennedy who you might know as VJ Vintage, creator of local vintage markets, has upped the ante and ventured into the world of being an independent shop owner.

vintage treasures, vintage basingstoke, vj vintage, vintage treasures shop, victoria

I started my business VJ Vintage because I loved and hoarded vintage stuff! I decided it would be fun to sell vintage clothing! I traded online and at vintage markets first and as word got out about my business I was asked by Proteus Creation Space to host their vintage markets.

It was at one of these markets I was approached by BCoT. They were looking for a local, vintage business to trade out of the shop they owned on Church St. The deal being that I worked with their fashion retail, fashion and business students and ‘mentored’ them in running a retail business. Plus providing the opportunity for the students to create ‘vintage inspired’ products and sell them in the shop-student enterprise. So ‘Vintage Treasures’ is the name we (VJ Vintage and BCoT) trade under.

vintage treasures, vj vintage, vintage basingstoke

Teaming vintage with local talents seems to be working well. Certainly if her gorgeous window display is anything to go by, things are off to a good start!

It is a reasonably sized shop decorated not only with cute tea cups but the kind of creative shelving that would impress Kirstie Allsopp! Even the way in which the items for sale are displayed makes it an instantly pleasing shop to walk into.

vintage treasure, vintage treasures shop, vintage treasures basingstoke, vintage basingstoke

The shop has been received so positively. So many people comment about how Basingstoke (and ‘the high street’ in general) needs something different. I’m trying to provide that ‘different’ in Vintage Treasures!

The shop itself plays host to an array of vintage inspired riches including clothing, jewellery, bags, books, homewares and bric-a-brac. I wrote this after my second visit to Vintage Treasures and my hand was itching to pick things up just as much as the first time – a benefit of having such a diverse range of items. It feels like a real treat to look around Vintage Treasures because you never know what you’ll find. Fingers crossed the black patent bag I was lusting over will still be there on payday!

vintage treasures, vintage basingstoke, vintage knits

Need further convincing of Vintage Treasures worth? Victoria has lot’s of plans for the future…

We’re running some ‘make do and mend’ themed workshops. The idea is to use something you have and don’t like to create something new! For example, a lampshade recovering, decoupage an old shelf, revamp an item of clothing, or even make a vintage brooch.

vintage treasures, basingstoke vintage, make do and mend, basingstoke craft, vintage treasures workshops

We are also holing a ‘Prom shopping evening,’ which is a chance to find a dress for prom, have a go at some retro hair and make-up styles, plus a free goodie bag!

This entrepreneurial spirit mixed with local talent from BCoT will hopefully seal a great fate for Vintage Treasures. If you are looking for an item to treasure, I can recommend making a stop here first.

vintage treasures, vintage treasures clothing, vj vintage

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

I Am Unique

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Taken by Edan Rowland

Chances are you’ve heard of Unique Vintage’s #IAmUnique campaign. It may not exactly come as a surprise that it is in support of unique styles but it is the encouragement for everyone to embrace their differences that makes it really special. What isn’t inspiring about seeing fashion brands including ‘different looking’ women, who value less mainstream clothing styles, and having them involved in their campaigns!?

Today I thought I’d share why I am unique…

The list is pretty endless and at times probably feels a little weird, so I’ll make this post exclusive to my dress sense.

I love vintage clothing, I enjoy the feminine pin up look and have recently started to integrate a more rockabilly vibe into my wardrobe. Why, you might ask? The simple answer being because it is far more fun! An unconventional opinion but, why shouldn’t fashion be something to play around with? With a penchant for dressing up since a young age; I don’t think anyone has been shocked that I like to play around with my look so much. Sure I could be hitting the high street and following the latest trends but by inventing my own set of rules there is no expectation by others and I can just embrace me.

I am not the world’s most ‘authentic’ vintage lover; I do not have the time to be forever market snooping (although I seem to make up for this on Etsy), nor do I have the money usually needed to be spent on spotless pieces. Meanwhile I do value my piece of mind too much not to get hung up about this. I think this sets me apart as something unique, as even from a young age I haven’t felt this pressure to conform. Whether it was from my school years when I favoured the colour black a little too much, or whether it can realistically be tracked back to the stripy shorts and levi t-shirt my Mum used to dress me in as a toddler. I was and still am unique.

The pin up look also comes into play. I am always sporting cat eye flicks, love the mole on my cheek and am really grateful that I have a waist that suits the style. On the other hand I embrace the freckles that smother my face in summer and don’t swan about in heels all day long, something that doesn’t stereotypically fit ‘the trend’. Also, with a passion for burlesque, I feel like I was always going to become increasingly playful with my clothing and hairstyle. I’ve been known to take inspiration from not only ‘old hollywood’ but also neo-burlesque stars around today.

Rockabilly too has had an increased influence over my style. I particularly love bumper bangs as well as the music and cars associated with the style. All I need is to learn to jive and then I can take the retro festivals of Britain by storm.

What makes me truly unique is the amalgamation of those three different aspects that I love, coming together with a serious I don’t care what you think attitude. In fact the rare quality of wearing something that you love without fearing any retribution or caring what others think seems to be coming into fashion itself. A fashion trend I can seriously get behind.

I am unique, and that quality is something to celebrate. What makes you feel unique? Let’s unite with our differences.


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Top Hat Theater Review

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Top Hat, Top Hat Theatre, Max Lacome-Shaw
Max Lacome-Shaw

Top Hat is an award winning musical based on one of the most celebrated films that Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger’s featured in together. It’s safe to say I was pretty excited whilst heading to see the production at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre with its silver ceiling both unexpected and ornate.

Having not seen the film before attending the show; all I knew beforehand was that I would love the costumes, there would be lots of dancing and that I’d fall in love with the music quicker than I could get the lid off of my obligatory theatre show ice cream pot.

Top Hat met my expectations and more. Writing a review for such a flawless (minus a reluctant opening curtain) is just as easy as watching it!

Top Hat, Dale and Jerry, Top hat Theatre, Max Lacome-Shaw
Max Lacome-Shaw

The costumes, something I always lust over in any period performance, were gorgeous. Not only did they look pretty authentic but they suited the original films release date of 1935. ‘The dress’ was naturally all I had hoped and to see those feathers glide across the stage was a delight. When Dale first stepped onto the stage in ‘the dress’ the whole audience was buzzing, amid many ‘oohs’. It was a much anticipated moment made even better for me; as having interviewed Jessica Plew (the Top Hat Deputy Wig) for Vintage Life, I was aware of the quick wig change and had an increased awareness of just how much preparation goes into that one moment.

The men looked dapper in their tails and it was great to see such strong dance performances from the whole of the cast. The art deco set was equally enticing, and I particularly enjoyed the way that flights were portrayed. However it was the use of a shadow dancer, one mimicking another’s performance at the same time, that was really impressive. Keeping in time to music for me is a big hurdle, let alone the idea of keeping in time with someone else!

Top Hat, The Latin, Dale Tremont, Max Lacome-Shaw
Max Lacome-Shaw

But what really had me and my Boyfriend singing Top Hat’s praises, as well as the songs for weeks and weeks, was how hilarious it was. (Note that this performance isn’t just for girls.) I hadn’t accounted for the comical nature of the performance at all!

Particular highlights came in the form of an unexpectedly old romantic who goes by the name of Bates, as well as Alberto Beddini better known as ‘The Latin’ who sings the wittiest solo of the whole performance. Not only this; but the relationship between the feisty Dale Tremont and persistent Jerry Travers are played excellently through a fun and light hearted script. Sassy Dale has Jerry swept off his tapping feet in no time!

Top hat, Top Hat Cast, Max Lacome-Shaw
Max Lacome-Shaw

It is always a delight to write a review that comes so easy, particularly when it is such a positive one! I cherished my glimpse of 30s glamour whilst watching Top Hat and enjoyed the bursts of comedy that had the whole audience laughing out loud. If you are hoping for an entertaining performance accompanied by impressive dancing and wonderful music, performed by a live orchestra, then Top Hat is the theatre show you have been looking for.

Has my review made you dizzy for tickets? The Tour has performances running until the end of July and you can find tickets via TopHatonStage.com.

Cinderella Review: Perfect Fairy Tale

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You will go to the preview…

Cinderella, Cinderella Live Action, Cinderella Review, Cinderella press net, Cinderella Disney
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK

With the release of the live action Cinderella out this month, it made me ponder when the original animated Disney Classic Cinderella was released?

The answer is the year 1950.

I know Disney has a long history, with its mouse made beginnings, before breaking records for highest grossing film with Frozen. However 1950 just seems an incredibly long time ago! Cinderella is one of the films I watched in the 90s as a child. In theory it taught me glowing morals but mostly just made me upset that mice can’t talk. All in all I had thought it was just a couple of years older than me. What a beautiful and timeless story, one that the new live action one stays true to.

Disney has captured fairy-tale at its best; with a magical dress transformation curtsy of the iconic ‘bibbity bobbity boo,’ from Cinderellas lovably disordered Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella, Godmother, Cinderella press net, Cinderella Disney
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK

Oh but the costumes! Cinderella’s ruined dress is reimaged as a beautiful full skirted (and that’s putting it mildly) glittering dress in hues of blue, turquoise and possibly purples? All the costumes are show stopping, designed by the hugely talented Sandy Powell, paying tribute to the original film by reflecting the 40s and 50s. Aside from Cinderella’s mesmerising dress I loved the powerful dresses worn by her evil Step Mother, which mix up the wiggle with a don’t mess with me cape in numerous combinations. The set is just as absorbing and each time I glimpsed a new room I wanted to explore it’s intricate jumble of twee flowers and kitsch.

The biggest highlight for me included the captivating transformation of the Pumpkin, not only as it grows into enormous proportions to become the carriage but when the destruction comes as the clock strikes midnight. In the height of a chase the pumpkin flies around a mountain and eventually meets its demise, whilst gaining actual applause from the audience at the preview I attended! Impressive.

The ballroom dance scene is another memorable moment, with simple and elegant choreography that is accentuated by the camera, making the audience spin and swoon along with the beautiful looking couple.

Cinderella, Step Mother, Cinderella press net, Cinderella Disney
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK

If I was to criticise, despite the happy ever after and Disney polish, I’d have liked the songs to have stayed. A big part of my Disney childhood was made up of the sing-a-long CD’s and for me their absence was missed. On the other hand the nursery rhyme ‘Lavender Blue’ that features at the beginning and end of the movie will have you muttering dilly dilly at things for days. Despite the missing musical element I can assure you that I loved the mice, with a very realistic depiction of Gus Gus, who instigated some humour alongside a daft artist.

It is a Disney Classic retold with the same strong messages of kindness and decency associated with the animated version. Don’t expect any changes or challenges to the original, minus an early meeting between the Prince and Cinder’s, this is an old-fashioned story.

Out in the UK on the 27th of March, make sure you don’t miss this one, especially if you are a Frozen fan.
Give me snow babies!

In Retrospect Magazine Launch Party

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A thoroughly enjoyable evening with In Retrospect Magazine

In Retrospect Magazine, Launch Party

Back in January I attended an entertaining evening at the In Retrospect Magazine‘s launch party. Have you heard of In Retrospect Magazine? Well it’s a brand new magazine for people with a passion for vintage and written by them too. I am already a solid fan of the magazine, which is no mean feat considering there has only been one edition published so far!

In Retrospect prides itself in being a modern magazine for old fashioned people; setting itself apart from glossy lifestyle mags whilst feeling more inclusive for men too. Not only are the articles in depth but this magazine will present me with the chance to see my own writing in print! Watch out for my interview with the gorgeous Natalie Ross in issue two.

But back to the main event! The In Retrospect launch party was held in Brighton, and where better? I hadn’t been to Brighton before but after finding an amazing 50s dress on sale in Loot, Brighton could be a contender for one of the best cities for vintage! This is something only reconfirmed the following morning by JB’s, an amazing American 50s diner, where I had my fill of pancakes dripped in maple syrup accompanied by stacks of bacon. Yum.

In Retrospect Magazine, Ava Aviación, launch party,

Held at the Sallis Benney Theatre with a champagne reception, things naturally got off to a good start. I was instantly taken back by everyone’s gorgeous outfits. Some of the highlights included a beautifully beaded flapper dress, a silk gown worn by the stunning Ava Aviación, who is one of the writers, as well as some sharp suit dressing by the men!

With a warm up speech from a passionate Mathew Keller, In Retrospect Magazine’s Chief designer & Co-creator. The Pennies from Heaven were up next to treat us to a dance routine with plenty of Charleston leg swivels and cheeky black swimsuits. Following them was the Premiere of Paper Doll, a short film demonstrating the vintage scene that is thriving in Brighton today directed by Mathew. The protagonist learns the delights of being a gentlemen as he falls in love with the character Agatha, played by Fleur McGerr. The short film leaves the audience to decide whether Agatha was real, or in fact an imaginary paper doll.

In Retrospect Magainze, British Belles, launch party

Following on was more drinks and once the music was turned up, the dance floor got into the swing of things… literally! Awful joke, I apologise now. There were some really great Lindy Hoppers who had me transfixed, especially as I had a Lindy Hop Workshop coming up. I spent a lot of my evening delighted to be watching the dancers. There was mingling, excitement and plenty of friendly compliments on each others outfits. I had a lovely time speaking with a couple who are off to Viva this year and hope to be married by Elvis – congratulations!

My dive into the world of vintage is only just beginning, but to see so many people who dress in the style full time, many of whom I already follow (aka. stalk) via Twitter and Instagram, was pretty inspiring. I can’t wait for another opportunity in which to meet all of these amazing people, hopefully at a one year celebration of In Retrospect Magazine, if not before! (I also promise not to be such a scaredy cat and actually introduce myself to people too. None of the ‘oh you were there too’ tweets next time!)

In Retrospect Magazine, Blaire Rowland, Blaire Amy, launch party

Thanks to the In Retrospect Magazine team for such a great event!

And if you feel like you missed out, then no worries, just subscribe to the magazine here!

In Retrospect Mag, lindyhop, Dancing In Retrospect, In Retrospect mag In Retrospect Party

All Photos by PaVan Wilder

Operation War Diary

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Operation War Diary, WW1

Taking part in Operation War Diary means that the soldiers who fell can be remembered whether they have living family members or not; whilst offering a great opportunity and insight into the front line.

Operation War Diary, WW1, IWMOperation War Diary is a citizen science project. If you don’t know what that means, no worries; put simply it is for people who have an interest in a research project and want to offer their support by processing data. It gives projects the opportunity to process large amounts of data faster and is commonly styled in a game like manor for ease of use and fun. This type of research usually relies on an online method, where people can submit their findings and deductions.

As Operation War Diary said via Twitter (follow them @OpWarDiary)

‘The combination of digitisation and crowdsourcing is our best hope for preserving the legacy of those who fought in the war and helping future generations understand what they went through.’

In the case of Operation War Diary, you study pages taken from unprocessed First World War diaries.

The diary entries have been scanned online and are sourced from The National Archives. With the combined efforts of the IWM (Imperial War Museum) and the Zooniverse community, ‘home to the Internet’s largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects.’ There is a lot of hope for great things to come from this. Not only will it create an online catalogue but it can aid IWM’s Lives of the First World War project, which aims to build a ‘permanent digital memorial.’

Somme, 1916, WW1, British Soldier
Winter War: British Trenches on the Somme, 1916 – greatwarphotos.com

In short this project will mark the sacrifices made within the First World War and help to preserve memories. It is this preservation of memories that makes me so passionate and interested in Operation War Diary. I volunteer with elderly people who can remember being children whilst we were at war (admittedly the WW2) and some of their stories are incredible. Any story they finish is followed by the consensus that it was a horrible time and that it should never be repeated. If this can capture people’s interest and remind them of the struggles at war, and take away some of that desensitisation created through dramas then that is an achievement in itself.

War Horse, WW1, war photos
War Horses: A Veterinary Hospital in France – greatwarphotos.com

This project operates through a tagging system, not dissimilar to tagging your Facebook friends in photographs. Instead of facial recognition, Operation War Diary encourages you to provide different tags depending on what type of page you are looking at. You have guidance through a list of attributes it suggests you look for, for instance, name, date, casualties and even the weather. You can then place these tags to the relevant place on the page and give more detail.

The data then becomes complied and can be analysed quicker, for instance tracking regiments and getting a wider view of army life.

Remeberance: The Forgotten Survivors of the great war - greatwarphotos
Remeberance: The Forgotten Survivors of the great war – greatwarphotos.com
Maybe you’ve read this Post and thought it’s a good idea, but are concerned that you wouldn’t know what to tag? Well Operation War Diary have incorporated a start up Tutorial for tagging to help you get familiar with the platform, as well as a field guide to help you make the best choices. However if you can’t decipher a diary entry you can simply choose not to tag it. Some of the diary entries have as little as 4% completed, so why not get involved now!

Not only will a digital catalogue of reliable war diaries be created, but a lasting legacy. Get involved today, even if you just volunteer 10 minutes of your time, let’s preserve history.

Visit the website here: OperationWarDiary.org


Thanks to military history Paul Reed for allowing me to use world war original photographs that he has collected. There are more to be seen on his website Great War Photos.

A quick step by step guide to painted furniture

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Painted furniture has become quite popular lately. I would much rather give an old piece of furniture a face-lift than buy something new or flat-packed. Here is my quick step by step guide,

Things you’ll need;

Electric sander

Chalk based paint



Old rag or tea towel

Pieces of old furniture can be picked up all over the place, check local auctions and eBay. Look out for solid wood furniture and avoid chipboard!


When using chalk paint you don't really need to prep as it will stick to most surfaces. I am going to leave the top of this dresser bare wood so it will need a sand.
When using chalk paint you don’t really need to prep as it will stick to most surfaces. I am going to leave the top of this dresser bare wood so it will need a sand.
I got a belt sander for Christmas which makes life much easier! Sand against the grain to remove the top layer of varnish or stain, then go over it again in the direction of the grain to smooth it over. after you have done this you can go over with a finer sandpaper or palm sander to make to wood silky smooth.
The next step is to start painting. There are several popular brands of chalk paint such as Annie Sloan & Autentico. However my favourite to use is called colourman and is £12.50 per litre. I prefer this paint to Annie Sloane becuse it is not quite as thick and has a smoother finish. It’s worth spending a bit of money on paint brushes as the is nothing more annoying than losing bristles.
Start from one end and work your way round methodically.
Start from one end and work your way round methodically.
Make sure you get the paint into all the nooks & crannies.
Move the furniture to different angles to make sure you haven't missed any.
Move the furniture to different angles to make sure you haven’t missed any.
After you have applied 2-3 coats of paint to the furniture and it has dried you will need to seal it to stop it getting damaged. I usually use a clear wax, you can apply the wax using and old cloth tea towel or sponge. It is best to avoid things that will disintegrate, such as kitchen roll.
After you have applied 2-3 coats of paint to the furniture and it has dried you will need to seal it to stop it getting damaged. I usually use a clear wax, you can apply the wax using and old cloth tea towel or sponge. It is best to avoid things that will disintegrate, such as kitchen roll.
For the bare wood top I am using a dark wax as this enhances the colour of the wood apply in a circular motion and buff it up after it has dried with a cloth.
For the bare wood top I am using a dark wax as this enhances the colour of the wood apply in a circular motion and buff it up after it has dried with a cloth.


Common problems that I encounter: #1 Fat cat thinking he can help #2 putting my paint brush in my coffee
Common problems that I encounter:
#1 Fat cat thinking he can help
#2 putting my paint brush in my coffee
After the wax has dried you can put the piece of furniture back together.
After the wax has dried you can put the piece of furniture back together.
All finished!
All finished!

Sewing & dressmaking glossary

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Following dressmaking patterns is a lot easier if you understand the terms used so here is a simple glossary of commonly used terms.

Applique- This is the term to describe sewing one piece of fabric over another to create pictures.

Bias – This is relates to the direction of the fabric. If you cut on the bias of the fabric you are cutting diagonally across. This is usually to make binding for edges and seams as they will go around curves if cut this way. 20141119_122203

Bobbin – The bobbin is what holds the bottom thread in your sewing machine. Older ones are usually metal whereas the newer ones tend to be plastic.


Dart – Darts are used in shirts and dresses to give shape. Darts are added by sewing triangular shapes into fabric.



Directional pattern – This can be quite important when you are making things because it refers to the direction of the print, therefore you need to make sure all the pieces are facing the same way. Not all fabrics will have a directional print.

This is a directional print as it matters which way up the cats are facing.

Grain – Again this is relevant to the direction of fabric. Dressmaking patterns have a grain line marked on them this is lined up with the Selvage (explained below) to help make sure all the pieces are facing the correct way.


Hem- The hem line is simply the bottom edge of where you have sewn.


Interfacing- Interfacing is an iron on fabric which can be used to stiffen fabrics. it comes in different weights depending on how heavy you want the fabric. A lightweight interfacing is usually used for collars and a heavyweight can be used for bags.

Notch – A notch is a mark on dressmaking patterns which indicates where two pieces should line up. for example on an arm hole and a sleeve.


Seam allowance – This term relates to where you sew your line. most dressmaking patterns work with a 1.5 cm seem allowance.


Selvage – The selvage is the raw edge of the fabric



Hope you find this helpful!

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