The Puppini Sisters Tour Review

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As The Puppini Sisters strut onto stage covered in pompoms and brimming with a sassy enthusiasm; the audience are hit with a burst of excitement. The candy pop coloured outfits seemed like the best simile for their catchy medleys and they burst straight into ‘Highlife’.

The Puppini Sisters sound beautiful. I’ve listened to them a fair bit over the past couple of years, not a touch on the 10 years they have been together, and had a pretty high expectation that they easily met. Singing in tandem and in their solo appearances at all times they were impressive. Emma Stone’s smoky jazz bar rendition of ‘Cheek to Cheek’ was a wonderful tribute to Sinatra and I loved that she performed with only the double bass to back her.

They performed a lot of songs from their new album ‘The High Life’ including a couple of my favourites; the catchy ‘We Love to Bebop’ and the ‘Rapper’s Delight Mash Up’ rendition that demonstrates their ease with taking something modern and changing it to have an older pop sound. The Andrew Sisters ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ cover was also great and really highlighted the comfortable way that their voices complement each other. Again they added their unique style to the song, creating a version I have never heard before. But possibly my favourite, I am sure you can already tell it is difficult to choose, would have to be the ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ encore. It was hilarious!

Music aside I loved the on stage banter that went on between The Puppini Sisters and their 3 piece band, each of whom really seemed to take it in their stride; even when in one case they were introduced as a Granma. Mr Kate Mullins (just kidding) had the best wit and really gave the fun on stage an inclusive feel. It was really fun to see such a great friendship group performing together and having such an excellent time. They clearly love what they do and I always find anyone who benefits from that, a joy to watch and speak with!

One thing I thought that was really missing was a ukulele solo, how awesome would that have been?! Otherwise, zero complaints. Audience participation was rife, as people were encouraged to guess the songs, how many were featured in a medley as well as vie for a double whisky. Local ladies, The Glamophones also took to the stage to join them in a rendition of Withering Heights and I hope to be able to catch them again at some festivals this summer. The Glamophones were sat near me in the audience and it was so cute to see them return, they were buzzing!

It would also be good to mention the wonderful support act, Hollie Stephenson. She has a real Amy Winehouse vibe, with a splash of reggae. One thing I would say is that she didn’t make much eye contact whilst singing, which I didn’t find very engaging however she was very sweet when she spoke between songs and you couldn’t fault her voice. I also loved that she writes her own songs and her ability as a songwriter, from what I was lucky enough to sample, is very strong indeed.

To say that The Puppini Sisters are an impressive harmony group, seems to really trivialise what they do and who they are as performers. Amazingly on top of some insane vocals they are as quick witted as they are entertaining. Go forth and see a touch of the High Life for a very joyous evening!

Want to hear more from The Puppini Sisters? Why not get your hands on In Retrospect for my interview with the wonderful Marcella Puppini.

Dollydripp: Kitty Cat!

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dollydripp, dolly dripp, vintage pjs, amy bliss, amy bliss pinup, pink pinup, redhead pinup

Dollydripp is a vintage inspired clothing label, which incorporates a modern twist to create quirky but cute items. I personally have a sweet spot for their sleepwear, favouring the Kitten Playsuit and the Tartan Babydoll Nightdress. Having been kindly sent the Dollydrip kitsch Pink Lucky Cat Boxer Shorts set I thought I’d give the fashion designer Sally Louise Richards a quiz to find out more about the brand!

With a love for the 1950’s look, what do you like best?

The shapes and silhouettes! It’s such a wonderful, feminine look that I feel suits most body shapes. I also love the glamour of it and how everyone looks amazing in old photographs.

Is it easy capturing the vintage look with a modern twist?

I haven’t found it too difficult as I’m always conscious that the brand looks modern. I find that choosing modern fabrics and prints can really help make a vintage style look fresh. I like to use prints and colours that you wouldn’t always associate with 1950’s fashion.

Could you talk me through the design and making process?

My design process always begins with some sort of inspiration. It could be an image, a catwalk outfit or a piece of fabric that I can create a theme around. I research ideas by looking at books, magazines, catwalks, and current trends… then I do lots of sketching. Sketching ideas is probably my favourite part of the process.

Once I’ve chosen my final designs I then move onto pattern making, toile’s (mock up garments) and sample production. Not everything ends up looking like my original designs and I love the creative freedom of changing things up or getting a flash inspiration when making mock ups and samples.

dollydripp, dolly dripp, vintage pjs, amy bliss, amy bliss pinup, pink pinup, redhead pinup

What makes Dollydripp different from repro brands?

I try not to draw too much inspiration from the past and vintage styles. It sounds a bit crazy as I guess there is that vintage repro element to the brand but I always wanted to create something new. I didn’t just want to make reproductions of vintage styles. I wanted to use those shapes as a starting point then create something new, fun and modern around them, which I think my fashion background has really helped. I’ve always loved Gwen Stefani’s style and Betsey Johnson’s fashion label. They are both great at mixing modern and vintage elements whilst keeping them fun. Fashion should be about self expression and having fun!

What can Dollydripp fans look forward to in the future?

Cherries! I recently found a really sweet cherry print fabric and have gone a little bit crazy with it! There’s also a lovely pair of shorts coming soon and hopefully a new jumpsuit. I’ve decided to have a year off creating specific ranges and it’s given me a chance to update lots of older styles, introduce new prints and larger sizes in some styles. It’s been good to recharge and through it I have a sketchbook full of new ideas for next year!


I can appreciate a bit of cherry print and if the Dollydripp pjs I have are anything to go by, they will be as comfy as they are cute – which is a must for any Queen of Slumber 😉 Thank you Sarah for the cutest kitty shorts, I’m looking forward to seeing style updates!

dollydripp, dolly dripp, vintage pjs, amy bliss, amy bliss pinup, pink pinup, redhead pinup