Classic Car Boot Sale

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classic car boot, classic car boot sale, vintage car market

classic car boot, classic car boot sale, vintage car boot, vintage market, kings cross market

Earlier this month I took the two hour train into London (serious commitment) to attend the much anticipated Classic Car Boot Sale, which has run successfully for five years now. With the lure of a weekend boasting treasures that can be found in the back of vintage cars; my Boyfriend and I were not disappointed. There was a great mix of clothing, vinyl, brick-a-brack and jewellery. I also found the best wicker handbag, however it was just outside of my price range (although I am currently really regretting having not bought it).

My anguish aside, we enjoyed a very sunny Sunday at King’s Cross. It was easy to locate the market, as you simply had to look out for vintage styled people and then follow a line of cars that were smartly parked along the road running up to the main event.

Personally I thought £5 for the event was a little much, considering you are going in to spend your pounds! £2 and I wouldn’t have quibbled it, in case anyone was wondering! Inside there was of course shopping to be done and I managed to score a second hand Hey Day Fleur dress for £15, which I was pretty pleased with. If you aren’t familiar with the dress, it basically looks like a Cath Kidston patterned wrap dress and screams summer; making the change in the recent weather even sadder for me. I also loved that there were plenty of vehicles to go around, although I did find myself spending a lot of time cringing at the people who found it necessary to get their fingers all over them. Someone even tried to enter the Taxi at one point; they looked severely disappointed when it was locked. Hahh!

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classic car boot, classic car boot sale, vintage car boot, vintage market, kings cross market

There were lots of street food stalls and despite wanting a Knicker Bocker Glory I ended up sampling some very tastey Goyza. Fried dumplings always go down a treat with me and we enjoyed them on the grass behind the market. Recharged after our snack break, we headed back into the Classic Car Boot Sale. Having ordered a strawberry cider from a double decker bus (really fun idea) I felt like summer was kicking off again, not coming to a close. There were DJ’s all day at the top of the bus playing a mix of 40s to 80s tracks and apparently lots of people created a dance floor – gutted I missed it. The event had a really feel good and quite a celebratory feel to it. There was a healthy mix of vintage enthusiasts, extremists and generally curious people. Everyone appeared to be having a really good time and there was a really cute kid, possibly 14/ 15, getting stuck in and trying on vintage. My only wish is that I had been as cool as that in my teens!

I’m sure you can tell I enjoyed my time at the Classic Car Boot Sale. I think if I had drank more coffee’s than ciders I’d also have liked to have seen a theatre screening in the Vintage Cinema Bus. It was really unique looking and I heard that it is quite luxurious inside all things considering. Due to the cider and the good weather I felt like I was more inclined to visit the water fountain’s then sit down in comfy seats (aka nap time). Hopefully I can have a look inside next time.

If you are looking for a chilled out end to summer, I can recommend you give the Classic Car Boot Sale a whirl next year. Hopefully it will be bigger than ever and the weather holds once again.

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Corset Story: A first attempt at corset wearing

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So this would be my very first corset. Okay scratch that, my very first corset that is meant to do what a corset does…

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As defined by google as…

“A woman’s tightly fitting undergarment extending from below the chest to the hips, worn to shape the figure.”

Don’t get me wrong I’ve worn corsets before, just the type that cost £20, are smothered in bows and frills, tend to just come out for Halloween and do nothing in the way of extenuating your figure.

Enter Corset Story! The lovely Corset Story sent me over my very first corset, the ‘Classic underbust with hip gores.’ And I won’t lie the total excitement mixed with a bit of apprehension was making me nervous. Once delivered (cue girlie excited squeal at receiving post) I was first shocked by how heavy it felt. The corset is steal spiral boned which apparently provides more support, flexibility and strength. In short, it helps a corset do what it is meant to do!

Anyway first came the tight lacing. Well I am not quite sure how anyone ever masters putting them on themselves, but there is a reason corset wearers in the past had servants to lace them in. It is tricky. So tricky that I had to delay the post until I next saw my Boyfriend, who kindly offered to assist me (it didn’t take too much convincing).

corset story, old is now, old is now vintage, first corset, first corset story, corset story underbust

Here is some guidance from Corset Story on your first corset experience…

When laced in, the corset should press down on your hips, but not so much that it’s painful or unpleasant. Similarly, if it’s restricting your breathing you have it on too high.

Most corsets are designed and tailored to allow for a 1 inch/2.5cm gap when fully laced, but this only applys when you have been wearing it for a while. Don’t worry if, on your first few wears, there is a bigger gap, as this is perfectly normal.

Whatever you do, don’t make that all-important day or night the first time you wear it. Wear it around the house as often as possible to familiarise yourself with it, and – should the situation arise – to startle the postman.

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I’d given my measurements to Corset Story and they’d sent over the size they recommended for me. It looks frickin’ tiny off and the fact that I had to stretch it far larger than the modesty panel could accommodate had me in a mild panic.

Panic is not the thing to be feeling whilst trying to pack yourself into your first corset. So after a quick chill out over a mint tea we returned to the task. Once I was all laced up there was no gap between the corset and the modesty panel, which came as a surprise if I am honest!

Wearing a corset is a weird feeling. I had the most amazing posture, felt no desire to snack before lunch and dare I say it… felt sexy. There really is something daring and saucy about wearing a corset, despite the obvious restrictiveness! I won’t lie though, after an hour I was more than ready to take it off. My first try and I am not convinced that it is something I could wear for a whole evening but then persistence does seem to be the key to any girls corset journey. The idea of commiting to wearing a corset a couple of hours a day is a daunting one but with images of Jessica Rabbit’s waist in my head, I am actually crazy enough to think I can give it a go!

There are a lot of corset advocates in the blogger community. The general concensus seems to be that they are strange to begin with, but as long as you have a well fitting corset (plus oodles of perseverence) then they can help give you an awesome silhouette. For my first forray into the world of corset’s I was pretty pleased with how mine made me look. Let’s just see if I can remain persistent enough to keep it up.

corset story, old is now, old is now vintage, corset story review, corset story blog, first corset,

Have you got any corset tips or first wear stories? I’d love to hear them, get in touch over social media or drop me a message below.